Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Final Glazed Pieces


Many of our class works received a glaze coating inside and out. Everyone made their own choices as to clear, or colour, or white as well as, glossy or matte. Some moving glazes like floating blue and green sand produced some lovely colour. Also notice the moving blue stripes on the casserole dish; this was not planned but happened because the blue had additional flux in it (why we need cookies). It was a happy accident and worth pursuing further. Terrific job everyone - so lovely!!!

Left  -Floating Blue breaking over edges          Right - Tissue print over stripped Underglaze background

A clear can become cloudy if applied too thickly and/or a recipe. Top right is Tony's Clear over Underglazes which is generally fine but not quite right over black. 

             Above: Glaze: Green Sand - the close up show how it breaks to beige on the edges and foamy white green

                   Above: Clear over Underglaze & Tissue Print   Above: Floating blue on different textured grounds

     Above: vase (left) clear over Underglaze      Above center back: Clear over Underglaze & White Liner, front: floating blue

                        Some of our finished pieces. Glazes include Floating blue, Green Sand, Tony's White

These are painted with underglazes and given a clear glaze overtop (Tony's Clear). Inside: Tony's White.

Test tiles for sgrafitto and Mishima (These were fired with a Midfire clear - cone 6 - do you notice any difference in the brightness of the colours from above and below samples?)

These were painted and stained with underglazes and low fired (bisque - cone 05).  A lowfire clear glaze (Duncans Pure Brilliance - cone 05) applied as final coat. Lowfire firings (cone 06,05,04) with low fire clears maintain their bright colours.

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