Thursday, November 17, 2016

Selected Work 2016

Selected Work: 2016

Mural section 1: Interlude with Some Voices
Tumblers: based on my 3D design, 3D printed, mold made of print and slip cast (Cone 6). Surface: underglaze, glaze, lustres.
Vases: Constructed from cut up 3D designed parts that were slip cast (cone 6). Surface: white glaze, lustre
Serving plate: Cone 10 reduction glaze, decal
Serving Plate: Cone 10 reduction glaze, decal

Mural: Interlude with Some Voices

Work from 2015-2016

Friday, June 6, 2014

Gallery V - Spring/Summer, 2014

Con Sum Ere

Title: Con Sum Ere

Represented here are three spoons, inspired from the ladle form whose function was/is for sharing the essential  food of the hearth, the broth. However, the ensemble is more accurately concerned with the idea of consumption alluded to in the Latin title. This small group of spoons/ladles then, plays with the multiple meanings and double-edge aspect of  ‘consuming’. The precariousness of each spoon is further emphasised in its attempt to balance on a small base.
The Latin ‘consumere’ is remarkably encompassing and edgy in its meanings. On the one hand, it references consuming and eating yet, at the same time, it can signify:  to exhaust, use up, squander/waste, swallow up and spend. In other words , ‘to consume’ can be life-giving as well as, life-destroying.
 In my work, the three spoons incorporate some of these dichotomies such as the art object (as object of consumption), the functional life-giving spoon, abuse perhaps through squandering or  disintegration by using up. In the end, the spoons function somewhat  like an “aide memoire”  alluding to  the lines we cross as we consume.

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling
This has been accepted for the juried Medalta International Spoon Show, September 1-November 29, 2014

Title:  “Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling”

This small sculpture celebrates “women who dared” in all walks of life. The flower-like upper portion references women who have transcended the glass ceiling, flowering as they fulfill their aspirations. In so doing, they become “shoe-ins” for the next opportunity as they have proven to be most capable. Beneath the glass are the seed pods with seeds and empty pods bringing to mind journeys already begun and impending travels.

The term “glass ceiling” was coined in the 80’s and alluded to an invisible barrier for women seeking the highest echelons of power. Today, the courage, tenacity and dedication required to pioneer new areas as a woman is more recognized and appreciated; these women are often a ‘shoe-in’ but only after having proven themselves. The stepped base of the sculpture is lined with names of a few such women from around the world and in all walks of life.

This has been accepted for the juried Sask Terra Group upcoming exhibitions in Saskatchewan.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gallery IV

Some functional works from the fall of 2013.

The four platters are wheel thrown with high-fire B Mix. My designs make use of underglaze colours, stenciling and some tissue prints.


Casserole with underglaze patterning & tissue prints


Historical Reproductions for Re-Enactment Groups
The following pieces are historical reproductions from the Saxo-Norman period. Historically, there were three main groups known as Saxo-Norman dating between c.700-1007. I was particularly interested in the last, more advanced group referred to as Stamford Ware (900-1100AD).  The local clay was low iron and light or buff coloured. They are exceptional in that they are the first glazed pottery (lead-based glaze in the form of powdered galena) to be produced in England since Roman times.

Stamford Wares

These were my first attempts at reproducing the Stamford Wares. My main concern was for the basic form to scale, colour of the clay and incised decoration which we made from antlers (as were the originals). The interiors of the originals were usually left unglazed, however, for health and safety they have been glazed with a clear coat. The lead-based exterior glaze typically found on these has been replaced with a clear coat. I am still working on the coloration - aiming for specific green and "ochre yellow". I am now in the process of testing various copper green glazes to find one that would come closest to the originals. The spouted pitcher is a wonderful design - cheers to that potter!

The Dragon's Garden, Clay mural project, Ecole Agnes Davidson School, Lethbridge, AB


This wall piece is a combination of bisque tiles and 3D clay sections where the dragon seems to jut out from the wall. 


Thursday, November 21, 2013


Welcome to my blog pages. I set these pages up so that my clay work could be easily viewed. I am rather eclectic in my practice and I like to work in both functional and sculptural ceramics. I most enjoy fusing hand building with wheel-thrown forms and altered shapes. Whether I fire low, medium or high, electric, reduction, soda or wood depends on the ideas I am working with.

This site is organised into 11 sections. These are listed on the right side-bar under the headings of  2013 and 2014. My work can be found in the "Galleries".



Tic Tac Toe

Soda Fired Plates
Soda Fired Plates

Soda Fired Teapot

Bowl with Multiple Layers of Sprayed Glazes

Nest Bowl

Textured Vessel


Wood Fired Vase