Saturday, April 1, 2023

 April 1, 2023 - ORPG Handbuilding Pictures of Processes

    Basic strategy for making a box                        Piercings & Correct Clay Stage (tool: exacto blade)

    Piercings: tool: hole maker            

                                                                              Building strategies: Coil and slab

    Coil & Slab: Intermediate

     Using our own stamps                                     Stage I decoration: Underglazes

Underglaze and tissue prints                         Underglaze: vintage look and wiping away

    Underglaze: Handpainted decoration

What is a glaze and How to use them??        Guild Glazes

                   Above:  Bisque Cart: these are ready for glazing - Glazes must be stirred each usuage

                Above: Liner glaze poured out                 Bottoms are sponged off                 What colour for the interior?


                        Applying resist to a glazed piece             Next: Our glazed and fired pieces

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