Saturday, March 11, 2023


March 11, 2023

This week we return to our Darted piece and consider our options for surface decoration. We will continue making our texture stamps. We will add decorative handles and sprigg molds using our magic slip (darvan 7 in the mix) to our darted piece. Next we will look at how to apply Underglaze paint and Underglaze slips. Linda will do a demo on how to make an Underglaze slip following this recipe:

Slip for Underglaze Painting 04-9
Susan Feagin

Custer Feldspar  27
EPKaolin     34
OM4 Clay    20
Silica    19
Add Zircopax  5

Mason stain 6129  6%
Rutile 2%
Yellow Green: Copper Carb  5%
Mason stain Yellow 6404

Class Demo:
2 Mason Stains  are chosen by class


                                           Artist: Susan Feagin who currently teaches at Penland

Strategies for Underglaze Painting

  Nancy Meiditz  (above)
Adero Willard (below)



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