Thursday, February 23, 2023

February 23, 2023
First Class

These are some of the topics that are discussed in the first class and placed here as a reference for your future work:

Preparing the Clay - Wedging
Each person ceives a half bag of clay. With the wire cutting tool, a demonstrated amount of clay is cut away with this too, Carefully keep bag closed to airtight. The cut away part of clay needs to be wedged.

For a review wedging 

Key Tools for Handbuilding  Wire Cutting Tool: This is used for cutting large amounts of clay or taking a form off the wheel. Rib: For smoothing out surfaces. These come in metal and plastic. Scoring Tool: This roughens up the clay for when two pieces are put together. It can be as simple as a fork or toothbrush. Smooth clay does not stick properly to another piece of smooth clay.

Brushes: Bristle (round and flat), Flat stiff (synthetic -1/2 in to 1in), soft (for painting - various sizes), fine point (example: Japanese or sable), Liner brush (long hair) and Fan brush (wide splayed, stiff)

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