Friday, March 11, 2022

                                                                        WINTER - 2022

 Our clay class which began in January, lasted for 6 weeks. It was a perfect retreat from the dark and cold of winter. We laughed and occassionally cried working our way through different strategies for making usefull forms. We learned that clay is finicky but not unmanageable. Below are a few pictures of this journey.
The last phase of all of this was the surface. A potter has so many choices (smooth, textured, glossy, matte, one colour/many colours) s0 we experimented to see the possibilities).

Surface experiments below:
Far left milk pitcher: guild glaze
Middle: Underglazes (bisque fired) Glaze fired with Clear Glossy
Far right: Transparent (vs opaque) Turquoise 
(all are mid-fire, cone 6 glazes)

                                                               Milk and Sugar Set 
                                When using Underglazes, it is possible to achieve a watercolour
                                transparency by decreasing the layers of applied Underglaze.

                               Above 3 photos show application if Underglazes with a variety of brushes.


Creating textures

Top Left: Teapot Construction and Right: Darting

Cone 6 Matte Glaze
Plate: Two Glaze (one glossy and one matte)

Thank you to all the dedicated students in this class - your output was sensational!

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