Thursday, November 17, 2016

Selected Work 2016

Selected Work: 2016

Mural section 1: Interlude with Some Voices
Tumblers: based on my 3D design, 3D printed, mold made of print and slip cast (Cone 6). Surface: underglaze, glaze, lustres.
Vases: Constructed from cut up 3D designed parts that were slip cast (cone 6). Surface: white glaze, lustre
Serving plate: Cone 10 reduction glaze, decal
Serving Plate: Cone 10 reduction glaze, decal

Mural: Interlude with Some Voices in Three Parts

Work from 2015-2016

Top:Stone Ware Plates with glaze and deals (cone 10), Below: Porcelain, silk screen pattern and decal

Above: 3D software designed, slip cast with under glaze & lustres. Right: slip cast & altered
Cacophony - craft objects celebrating Craft Year

Porcelain plate, underglazes, glaze, multiple firings

Porcelain plate: stencil relief, underglazes, tissue print, glaze